Ways to Save for Your Next Vacation

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I know a small number of people who have money at any given time that they can use for a vacation. I am definitely not one of them. For those of us who don’t have a large amount of disposable income, when we want to go somewhere on vacation we have to save up those extra dollars and cents.

I prepare for every vacation that I take with my family. Months ahead of our trips I plan out activities based on our budget and then saved the money that we need. Sometimes our budget is really tight and sometimes it is more flexible.

Saving money can sometimes be hard, or hard all the time if you are on a tight budget.

There are ways of making each paycheck go a little further and leaving you with a little bit to set aside each month. I have been under tight budgets and found ways of saving money that were easier for me. Some ways to save money are a little extreme and time consuming and I don’t always have the patience, so I want to share the easier ways with you all.

Apps for grocery and shopping rebates

  • Ibotta – FREE. Add items in the app to your “cart” and then buy them in-store. After, scan your receipts + items bar-code and receive cash once the purchase is verified. (Join now and get a $10 welcome bonus)
  • Checkout51 – Same as Ibotta.
  • Walmart Savings Catcher – You can use this on your phone, tablet or computer. It works like the price match except you don’t have to look for coupons ahead of time! You scan your receipt into the program and if there is a better price on an item you bought you get money back for the difference. SO EASY.
  • Target Cartwheel – Targets app offers digital coupons, you simply choose your items and at checkout you get the bar-code from the app scanned at the register. Instant savings.

Online Shopping

  • Ebates – Add the Ebates search bar tool and when you want to shop online check what sites are offering % back on purchases. Rebates are also available for in-store purchases!
  • BeFrugal – Like Ebates above.
  • Amazon – In general I like to check prices of things on Amazon because I can find a lower price on an item and I can get free two day shipping. (plus you can combine with something like Ebates and BeFrugal and get extra savings.
  • Honey – A taskbar add-on that tells you the best code to use in checkout when you shop online so you get extra discounts! I love it.

Reward Cards

If you shop at a place a lot, you should have their free reward card! Even simple things like petsmart, grocery stores, JoAnns Fabrics, etc.

Online Surveys

(I use these, I know there are others but I can’t comment on their usefulness)

  • Erewards – I have been using this one for years and have earned hundreds of dollars to be redeemed for gifts cards, product, subscriptions, etc.
  • Swagbucks – I have used this one for a shorter amount of time but it seems to be ok when it comes to earnings.


Gift Cards

Other tips:

  • Buy smarter
    • Shop at Aldi and other cheaper priced stores! I spend 1/2 as much on a full grocery cart at Aldi’s as I do at Walmart.
    • Use AirBnb and hotel rewards when booking your accommodation.
    • Shop sales
    • Keep all your reward cards in one place with “Stocard”
    • Put your savings into a high yield savings account! Let your money make you money between trips. Ally.com (online bank) is pretty darn good and has one of the best customer service teams.

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  1. June | 27th Sep 17

    Great post! I have tried some of these, for example Checkout51 and Swagbucks and I can vouche that they work. Of course, it is just a little bit of money, but it does add up. And the effort is minimal. Also, Aldi -YES. You truly get the best deals there.

    • thehaywirehoney | 27th Sep 17

      I love Aldi, I just wish they participated with Checkout51 or Ibotta.

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