Souq Al Jubail

When looking for vegetables, fruit, and fresh meat or fish there is certainly a variety at most markets. But what if you are looking for a little bit of a deal or something particular that you can’t seem to find at your local market?

Souq Al Jubail, or the large produce market in Sharjah is a good place to try your luck in finding something new, at a better price, or a better quality. With multiple vendors to choose from you can buy from whomever has the best quality ad price of your liking.

Tips for shopping:

  • Shop around! See who has the best prices
  • If a shop person is pushy, say “No thank you” and keep walking.
  • The magic words – “Best price?”. You may get a discount for buying multiple things at one stall.
  • Pay attention to quality. If the mangoes don’t look good at one stall, keep looking for fresher ones.
  • Write down which stall # gives you the best deals so you know where to go the next time.
  • Shop farther down the line. It’s not always true but a lot of the time the vendors at the front have a higher price because people will stop at them first and make a purchase so they can get in and out quicker.

What tricks/tips do you have for getting a good deal on your purchase?

There are lots of fruit and vegetable vendors, and they can seem pretty much the same until you take a closer look at what they have and how fresh everything is. I have bought mangoes, cherries, potatoes, carrots, bananas, apples, grapes, etc. Some items are more expensive (like mangoes @ 25aed/kg or cherries @ 65aed/kg). I try to just buy what I want when I need it and not to get more than what I can use before it spoils.

There are nut vendors as well. The owner will let you sample something before deciding if you want to purchase. I tried some pecans (which were labelled walnuts . . .) and they were good, so of course I got some to make pie. It’s all about preference, I’ve seen people try one nut and didn’t like it so they tried a different variety of the same nut.

As for the meat, there is a bunch of lamb and not much else, so I don’t really venture in there with it’s warmth and heavy smell of raw meats. (The lamb heads, hooves, tongues, etc. are a little creepy)

In the fish area, I do like to look at the fish and occasionally buy some. Shop around in here for sure! The fish are going to go bad much sooner than some carrots so they need to be sold. My husband asked a price/kg of one vendor then I asked the same vendor and guess what? He gave me a lower price than my husband! The outer stalls also had a higher price than those that were farther in. 

It isn’t always convenient to go to this souq if you only need one or two items that are cheap anywhere you go but for specialty items or a bigger shopping trip it can be well worth the visit!

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