Southern Florida Bucket List

There is much more to South Florida than beaches, you have to know where to look is all.

I grew up in South Florida. I spent a lot of my youth shut indoors reading and doing house work but I occasionally got to go see what was around me. When I was out of high school I managed to get out some more while attending college and spending time with my boyfriend (now husband).

Having a history with Florida, I feel that as an adult with children I find more cool and fun things to do than when I was younger. I know what I am looking for. I know some tricks to find those things. And, I have more reason to explore. With three little kids I am anxious to get outdoors and take a breath of fresh air!

If you aren’t from here (or even if you are) I hope that these suggestions can help you to get a better look at South Florida! Because there is quite a bit in Florida, there will be separate posts for The Keys, Central Florida (Maybe separated into Tampa and Orlando areas), and Northern Florida. As new posts go live of the listed places I will update with links to those entries.


NOTE: 2017 is looking to be a big year for hurricanes! After the damage from Irma in mid-September I am hoping that these places are able to recover well. Some of these may be out of commission for a few months.


I LOVE food (even though my relationship with it is getting complicated as I age). Good food is key to having a full and fun experience. It’s “icing on the cake” and makes everything better. These places are kind of a combination of food and experience.

Knaus Berry Farm (Full Post Here)

(Closed for Summer months) Knaus berry farm is an awesome little farm and store that offers fresh baked bread and other delicious treats (their cinnamon rolls are famous!) at great prices. When available you can hand pick strawberries and tomatoes as well!

Robert is Here

(Closed in September and October) This Homestead produce stand has much to offer: Exotic fruits, honey, jams, and fresh fruit smoothies with whatever flavor combination you want made fresh. There is a mini splash pad and even a little zoo out back!

Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor

This famous ice cream parlor in Hollywood is one of my favorite places to take visitors and to go for special occasions. The servings are large, and everything is made super fresh. They even make their own sodas. One special item they offer is the kitchen sink! You get an actual sink filled with a selection (you choose) of ice cream and toppings. (Read about the food Here) (Read about the Ice Cream Here)


Shark Valley

If you want to see alligators then this is the place for you! It’s a little drive out into the Everglades with some gift shops and air boat rides on the way. You can walk the trail (14miles total), ride a bike you bring or rent, or ride the tram that offers a guide who’ll tell you all about the Everglades and aligators. I’ve done this many times and am sure to go some more!

Zoo Miami

If you live in Southern Florida then it is a good idea to get the year family pass here. You can spend all day here and the kids will have a blast. I love to do almost the entire park in the morning then take a late lunch break next to the splash pad so the kids can run and play in the water before going home.

Miami Seaquarium

Come to the Seaquarium to see dolphin shows, a killer whale (and maybe get splashed!), manatees, and lots of other sea creatures. There are shows through the day and plenty to view at your own pace. Eating the food is an “at your own risk” kinda situation, it is not high quality.

Butterfly World (Full Post Here)

Butterflies everywhere! You get to walk through an area with free flying butterflies and some areas with lots of tropical flowers and plants. There are other areas of the facilities with birds, flowers, etc. but the butterflies are our favorite thing. You can see butterflies at their different stages as well. My children really enjoyed this even when they were about 3 and younger.

Lion Country Safari  (Part 1 Post)

This may be a little bit of a drive for those living closer to Miami but it is worth it. You drive through the “Safari” with animals all around (we thought a Rhino was going to charge us once!) and it so neat to see. There is also a petting zoo portion plus food and activities. It’s a fun day trip for all ages.

Flamingo Gardens (Full Post Here)

This place is a little off the beaten path, but a cool place to visit. There is a small animals meet and greet show, trails to walk, a tram tour, and a gift shop. Across Flamingo Road from the Gardens are some “farms” with more neat things to view: plants, yard art and decoration, and there is a shop where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables, smoothies, homemade jams, jellies, and honeys.

Monkey Jungle

Monkeys monkeys everywhere. Need I say more? This place is loads of fun for a family.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center  (Full Post Here)

Visit this rehabilitation and conservation center to see sea turtles! There are summer and winter camps available, birthday parties, etc. You can view live sea turtle cameras and can even adopt a sea turtle. It is also right next to the beach so you can take a walk down there as well.

Green Cay Nature Center

This non-profit center is all about the education of Florida’s environment and resources. An acquaintance of my husband went there recently as a bird watcher and said it is a beautiful location, enjoyable for his family, and of course a good spot to see a handful of birds.

South Florida travel, things to do in greater Miami and Fort Lauderale areas.

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  1. patternprincess1 | 5th Oct 17

    I must say, you have done a wonderful job showcasing unique places to go visit. While Disney is fun, sometimes, the local flair gets missed. Sounds like these things should be a bucket list item for anyone visiting Florida.

    • thehaywirehoney | 5th Oct 17

      Thank you! Yeah, everyone makes it to Disney at some point but if you visit family or go on a cruise and have time to look around these are great options 😊

  2. Allie | 5th Oct 17

    These all sounds super fun to take the kids on our future trip to Florida thanks! And we’ll be checking out some awesome tennis too.

    • thehaywirehoney | 5th Oct 17

      Thanks! I’ve actually never played tennis ☺️.

  3. magen | 5th Oct 17

    This is great. We go to Florida all the time. We live about five hours away so its a nice little vacation spot when we need some time to ourselves. I am gonna have to add some of these things to our list to dos.

  4. Stefanie | 5th Oct 17

    I love this. I think I need to venture beyond Disney at some point especially since my husband grew up in Florida!

  5. Kermili | 6th Oct 17

    As much as I’ve been to Florida, I’ve never heard of some of these places. Definitely going to have to add them to my bucket list!

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