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I remember when (before I was married or had any children) I would ride my bike the 7 miles to the beach early in the morning and lay out on a towel in the sun. All I needed was a book and something to eat and drink and I would chill for however long I wanted.

Now I have three kids and how I feel about the beach has changed a little bit. I have always disliked the sand and the salty feeling I have on my skin afterwards. Now I also dislike having to carry stuff for other people, bring all sorts of snacks and things, and chase down little kids every two seconds.

My children however, love the beach. They love to play in the sand, maybe swim in the water if it is calm enough, and it’s always a dramatic exit from the area until they fall asleep in the car.

I am a minimalist (or try to be) and it can be very hard to keep the bags and piles of stuff to a minimum when going to the beach with children. It gets me annoyed just thinking about all he crap that we have dragged to the beach when there is an easier way.

I want to share some tips that I use when going to the beach with kids and hopefully there will be something useful in here for you! Please feel free to share your best minimalist or organization tips for a family beach trip in the comments section below. Cash Back

From Car to Sand

Lets face it, we do not have enough hands to lug all the stuff to the sand when we also have at least one little kid running around. I use my stroller just to get the kids to the car sometimes. So why not corral a kid or all the beach junk in a really awesome fold-able wagon? Using one of these leaves me with easily free hands to grab a kid if necessary. With three young kids I definitely need one of these for all the towels and gear so I can keep an eye on those little guys.

The Bag Itself

I used to stuff everything into one big bag for the beach but then I would lose a lot of things. I’d rummage through the bag unable to find what I was looking for. Now, I am a firm believer that having two bags for the beach is a better option until my kids can carry their own junk.

One bag is for personal items like wallet, keys, sunscreen, phone, maybe extra clothing, etc. Get this blue though, so you can keep snacks in the lower compartment and maybe have less sand get in there. Plus, afterwards you can put wet stuff in there.

The other bag you want is a simple mesh one that will hold all the toys your kids will play with. I’ve also seen people use a cheap laundry bag (keep in mind that these will wear out pretty quick).

Things to bring in the bag
  • Sunscreen
  • Pre-made snacks plus lots of drinks to stay hydrated.
  • Waterproof phone lanyard to snap cute pics of kids without worrying about all the water.
  • Awesome towels.
  • Beach mat to sit on so you don’t dampen your towel before you’re ready to leave.
  • Beach toys (preferably ones that collapse)
  • Shade

You don’t need any lotion, lipstick, or random crap. Maybe a chap stick with spf in it but really you wont use most things that you keep in your everyday purse. PS please remember diapers and wipes (and plastic bags to wrap dirty ones in)!

Keep in the car
  • Baby powder – squeeze a little onto dry skin to remove sand easily before getting in the car.
  • Dry clothing – I like kids to wear their suits to the beach but leave in clean clothing. For myself I like to throw on a sports bra and a loose beachy dress or a shirt and pants if my suit bottoms are dry enough.

Beach life, what to bring to the beach. Mom bag and Mom organization. Beach with kids.
Beach life, what to bring to the beach. Mom bag and Mom organization. Beach with kids.

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  1. courtney | 10th Oct 17

    i dont have kids, but a waterproof phone lanyard is genius!

    • thehaywirehoney | 10th Oct 17

      I envy the easiness of going to the beach without kids! Yeah, I just learned that trick recently and love it.

  2. Alesha | 12th Oct 17

    These are great! We have 2 girls and I usually avoid the beach because its so stressful ha! These are good tips!

    • thehaywirehoney | 12th Oct 17

      Yeah, I usually take my boys to the beach when I feel guilty for not taking them lol

  3. Heather | 12th Oct 17

    Great products and tips! I recently went to the beach with my cousin and her five kids….yes five kids, 12 and under. I couldn’t believe how well she had everything under control, but there was too much stuff! I was there to help this time, but I’m going to send her this link to try and simplify things. Thanks!

    • thehaywirehoney | 12th Oct 17

      Thanks! Oh goodness, I have trouble with my 3, I don’t know how she’d do it with 5! She’s a rockstar mom for sure <3

  4. A- | 12th Oct 17

    These are great tips! I love the little wagon to carry everything in – it must make everything so much easier!

  5. Jenny | 12th Oct 17

    Going to the beach with my two kids and I like to keep things to a minimum, but’s it usually ends up with a few bags full of stuff lol. Love the foldable wagon. Great tips!

  6. Keri|flipflopweekend | 16th Oct 17

    The baby powder is my favorite trick!

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