Old Dubai Zoo

The new “Dubai Safari” has finally opened in the end of 2017! At the old Dubai Zoo in downtown by the beach there were signs at the entrance and a few places inside that said “#DubaiSafari Soon”. It is sad but also exciting that the old Dubai Zoo in Jumeirah is being relocated to a bigger and better location. 

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If you had been out to Dragon Mart at any point in the years 2016 or 2017 you may have noticed signs for a “Safari Park” around there, that is because across from Dragon Mart is the location of the Safari Park Zoo, according to GulfNews. This was slated to open in 2015  . . . looks like they are a bit behind schedule (a common occurrence in UAE) It is of course 2017, and I am sad to say that I moved out of the UAE before the completion of the zoo! I hope I can make it back there to see the new Safari and share it here, it is so disappointing to have missed it after looking forward to it for nearly two years.

The GulfNews article states that the site used to be a landfill and that they are aiming to make this project a sustainable and “green” area. 7Days states that there is some discrepancy between statements on what will happen with the animals in the current Jumeirah location. It is said that the animals will be moved to the new location, but supposedly some of the animals are not in good enough health so they will probably be fed to the lions and tigers. Yikes, poor animals, then again it is the circle of life isn’t it?

There has been a lot of criticism of the old Jumeirah Zoo location because of cramped spaces for the animals. However, it was an experience you could not get in the United States. You were up close and personal with the animals, just a few feet from a pacing Bengal Tiger that roars and jumps towards a tasty little kid. Near to the Gorilla that sways on a tire swing then jumps towards YOU and flings dirt in your direction, then you brush off the dust laughing and glad it wasn’t poop he flung. Monkeys that although there are signs to not feed, just about everyone throws some popcorn (sorry monkeys). 

The tickets were 3dhs per person ad children under 3 were free. It wasn’t a huge place but you got your moneys worth since it was less than one US dollar to enter. I sure miss going there with my children, I may have enjoyed it more than them. The new location will of course cost more but it will have great amenities and facilities I am certain. RIP old Dubai zoo.

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