New Years in Beautiful Destin, Florida

New Years came and went and I considered not posting about it. I did travel and see fireworks. But, it wasn’t the best trip and I thought it might be better to not mention it seeing that this is a travel blog and it’s typically more entertaining to read about the good things in a place instead of something along the lines of boring.

For the holidays my little family drove up to Tampa to see some family and we spent a few days splashing at the beach as each day got progressively cooler. But the kids had fun and they loved the smelly “Days Inn” we stayed in. We luckily left without bed bugs or ticks so that is fantastic, feeling really grateful for that. Our first night there at 2am there was a ruckus outside, I think there had been a party and it was over because there were people getting picked up. Horns were honked, yelling was abundant. Good times.

Here’s my list of a few things you SHOULD do in Tampa!

From Tampa we all (14 people) loaded into a rented motor home to drive up to Destin, Florida. My little family and I stayed for two nights before we had to return to the South and get back to life. While everyone else stayed in the time share, my kids and husband and I stuck it out in the motor home at night (in the parking lot) then ran into one of the rooms each morning.

I can’t say I had the most fun in my life on this trip but I will look back fondly at the somewhat crazy memories my family made together. The first night we tucked the kids to sleep on a couch and bed above the driving cab. And then, my husband ordered a pepperoni from Pizza Hut to be delivered to us in the motor home in the parking lot. My husband and I sat in the dark chowing down and the fire alarm went off at the time share! We laughed and smirked at all the people coming outside asking their neighbors what was going on, wrapped in jackets and blankets because it was cold outside.

The next day it was cold and rainy. The whole group went out to eat for lunch, walked around Bass Pro Shops to look at the fish, and debated the plan to see fireworks for New Years. Down on the Boardwalk at Miramar Beach (I think), they were going to do early fireworks for families at 8pm. It was incredibly cold by this point. The parking lot that our “driver” wanted to go into was tight and we got into a standoff of sorts with an angry woman blocking our way out of the lot. There really was no way for a motor home to park in there, an all around bad idea. Angry lady lost though and we got to drive away across the bridge and watch the fireworks from the shoulder of the road. They were short and sweet and the kids loved it.

We went to Culvers for frozen custard. It’s not the most amazing food but the only familiar place around and easy enough for a large group. My oldest had a meltdown when he got a cup instead of a cone, his dad took him into the motor home to cool off and he missed out on his ice cream.

Here’s my list of things I would actually Love to do in Northern Florida!

I would for the sake of this blog and sharing really neat and fun tips and entertainment with you (my readers) like to say that we went out somewhere really cool and had warm drinks and snuggled in blankets and played games, blew horns, threw streamers and whatever else to ring in the New Year. But no, we did not. After ice cream we went back to the time share and my little family decided to stick it out for the last night in the parking lot again. We double wrapped the kids in blankets, did some cleaning up in preparation for our departure in the morning and hunkered down for the night ahead before 10pm.

It got SO cold that night. I have camped in 43ºF before and that was kinda chilly (felt amazing the one time I was pregnant and had an internal furnace). That night in Destin, Florida my phone said it was a freezing 31ºF. The kids didn’t want to move in the morning. There was intense wind outside that made the motor home shake back and forth, and I wondered what the heck we were doing out there in the first place (laughing out loud). Holy cow.

It was so hard to get from the motor home to the time share room in the morning. I wrapped in a blanket to turn on the car and get the heater going. Slowly, ever so slowly it warmed a tiny bit. We threw clothing on and wrapped up to make the run across the parking lot. With cold toes our kids sat down to boxed french toast with their cousins and they all made faces at each other and funny sounds like little kids do.

Me being the crazy person that I am, I went down to beach in my flip flops to snap a few photos before leaving. I had not done so in the rain the day before. The wind was so strong and bitter and it took 15 or more minutes back in the room for my toes to defrost. But the pictures are pretty!

We then said our goodbyes and double checked for kids toys before my little family packed into the motor home to drive it back to Tampa and pick up our vehicle to go home.

Conclusion and Reflection

So, I did not have an amazing trip. I was pretty bored, really. But, the kids had fun with their cousins. The unexpected change in weather (btw, it snowed in Tallahassee two days after we left) made it hard to do anything exciting in a place that does not have too much to offer besides beaches. We made memories though. Trips don’t always turn out as expected and may or may not be disappointing but we can still take away something positive from them. (Check out my post about overcoming vacation obstacles like a pro)

Spending time with family and making most of the time we have in general.

I hope that this post was something to someone. I wanted to share that not all trips are magnificent and amazing like it shown all over the internet. Even as a travel blogger things get dirty, lame, and terrible at times and I want you all to know that. Don’t let it get you down, it happens to all of us. Good luck in your travels for 2018 and I hope we can all have an amazing take-away from every trip we make!

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  1. Catherine | 11th Jan 18

    I’ve heard many things about Destin, but cold is not one of them. It’s too bad that the weather put a damper on your getaway, but the beach certainly does look brilliant.

    • thehaywirehoney | 12th Jan 18

      I’d never heard anything about Destin before, I would love to go back in the summer and give it another shot 🙂

  2. amit | 12th Jan 18

    You say you didn’t really want to write or share this as it’s not an entertaining post but come on, chowing down a pepperoni in your camper, that’s the kind of traveling memories you will look back at one day and laugh about – especially with the fire alarm going off 😀 and I hope your toes are ok 😛 – I laughed at your comment too about thinking what the hell you’re doing there (I’ve said that to myself many times over the years I’ve traveled haha) – I enjoyed this post.

  3. Melanie | Traveling with Monkeys | 13th Jan 18

    Sorry about the weather! That’s how New Year’s Eve is sometimes, you know? They can’t always be glamorous. The older I get, the more I seem to be home taking care of kids rather than out partying 🙂

    • thehaywirehoney | 13th Jan 18

      I’ve never been much of a party-er, even before having kids. Next time I’m somewhere cold I will plan ahead for a warm bed and hot cocoa 🙂

  4. Medha | 13th Jan 18

    I am sorry to hear that you did not have a good time but like you said, sometimes trips do leave you disappointed but you’ve got to take the best from them. Seems like your kids had fun and that really counts 🙂 I can imagine how unexpected weather can really dampen your mood too! Well, you got to spend time with family and did land up with some crazy memories and that’s what you’ll take from your trip in the long term 🙂

  5. Becca Talbot | 14th Jan 18

    you know sometimes it’s not about where you go or what you do, but it’s about who you’re with. It sounds like the kids had a nice time playing with their cousins, plus snuggling up in the camper sounds cosy 😉 x

  6. Iulia | 14th Jan 18

    This post is great! Hands down, if it wasn’t for your family, I am convinced you would have been dead of boredom… But I applaud you for sharing this with us. It is not always fun, good photo opportunities and so on.. I do love that beach pic.. Your frozen toes was worth it 😂😂

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