Utah, a Tour of Food

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Visiting the “Motherland” of Utah when you live in Dubai requires getting your fix of foods that are either very hard to get elsewhere or only exist in Utah. I love food and I also love to try new things, so we usually try to hit up certain spots and throw in some new ones when we are in the area. 

Peach city: This place has a drive in and indoor seating, we opted for the indoor seating instead of 30°F or so outside. The bathroom was clean, the service was decent, and the food was good enough. My sandwich was ok, the waffle fries were pretty good and the Cherry Iron Port was decent – although more experienced individuals told me that it was a weaker flavor than they were used to(so maybe they watered down the syrup?). Fyi, cherry iron port is comparable to iron beer, from Cuba(which I have found at one Target in Miami, it’s a good drink. I found one listing on amazon of the exact brand I saw in Target).

Gossner Cheese: It is a bit of a drive from Salt Lake for cheese and other dairy products but if you want some good deals then it’s worth it! There are samples of brick cheese, spreads, and salsa. We got some smoked cheese curds (squeaky cheese) as well as a brick of pepperjack and some kids milk boxes. They do stock drinks, mozzarella, pepperjack, swiss, butters, honeys, etc. Their products are delicious and a good price because of being located at the factory. Pair a trip here with Pepperidge Farms and maybe even Peach City. Tip: Bring a cooler with some ice for cold items.

Pepperidge Farms: If you like cookies like I do then you should stop here. This time around we decided to go here at the beginning of our trip so we would have cookies and goldfish for the duration of our trip. This little store at the factory is where you can get the product that is defective (broken) at a much cheaper price than in a grocery store. We got a big bag of milanos, some goldfish, soft cookies, cakes, pretty much one of everything and we still spent less than $30. The cookies aren’t broken too badly, they are still very enjoyable and sometimes it’s just the packaging that was wacky and didn’t pass inspection. Tip: Call ahead to be sure their shelves are generously stocked so you don’t show up to bare shelves.

Dairy Keen – This place is pretty much right down the street from the Heber Creeper. After we rode the North Pole Express we went here for some dinner and treats. There is a little train that goes around on a track close to the ceiling in the main part of the restaurant, it’s pretty neat with miniature trees and scenery. There was a lego table and one with trains for kids to play with, that was cool. In the room connected to the main there was a coin operated train, the kids were having a blast watching it go back and forth for a quarter each way. The food was decent, I was looking forward to the raspberry shake and was not let down, it was pretty darn good. I think I got a chicken sandwich and fries and the hubby got a burger, no complaints from either of us. Because Heber is a little bit of a drive out in  the mountains be warned to not let your kids eat too much ice-cream. One of ours had too much and that combo-ed with a hot dog got him to throw up all over himself before we got back to our lodging. (Parenting win!)

Pitmaster BBQ – So this place is a bit of a drive from Salt Lake, but it is indeed a quality BBQ joint. I do recommend it and you can ask the employees what is good and they’ll tell ya (it’s everything) but they can recommend items based on your likes. We went here because someone we stayed with is related to the owner and I thought it would be nice to kinda suggest it and work that into our trip for them. Plus, I could eat some great BBQ! I do LOVE BBQ.

Maddox – We went here for a birthday dinner but have visited this restaurant in the past. It’s always a good meal. We had a large group so our menu was limited, but, steak and potato is a good filling American meal. It was very busy for the Holidays (Christmas) so we made a reservation far in advance and it was a good thing we did. You don’t have to make a reservation all the time though.

Rodizio Grill – We went here for my birthday dinner actually. There were some complaints, apparently Tucanos is a better choice. Maybe I’ll have to get over to Tucanos next time we are in Utah. Side dishes are at the salad bar and main courses(meat) are brought around by servers who slice off pieces of whatever you want that comes your way. The salad bar is decent and there are enough options of meat and sides that you fill up to your hearts content. Bonus is to sign up for the email newsletter and go for your birthday (flash the birthday email) and you get a BOGO dinner.

Log Haven – When you have kids it can be very hard to get out for a date once in a while. It was about 9 months for us. We planned a few nights away from the kids and I like to have one “nice” kid-less dinner once a year. This time it was at Log Haven, a restaurant up in the mountains in a state park! There is a waterfall right across from it, everything was snowy and frozen when we went, it was pretty. Inside it was warm and inviting. The food was weird combinations but not bad, it was all high quality. My hubby got his downplayed for a normal person and he really enjoyed his elk and mashed potatoes. I had the risotto and it was interesting but also pretty good. The vanilla Italian soda was great, the dessert was delicious and we both enjoyed the evening. They were very accommodating for making the food to our liking so if you go there and don’t like some of the ingredients, ask if it can be changed or substituted! FYI, reservation required and they seem to fill up on a regular basis.

Others: Taco Time (we always get our fill when we are near one), A&W,  Wiener Schnitzel . . .

So where are your favorite food spots to hit up in Utah? I’d love to have a list ready for whenever we go there again. Have to make sure we eat well and gain some vacation weight!

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Utah food. What to eat in Utah.
Utah food. What to eat in Utah.
Utah food. What to eat in Utah.

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  1. La Shell | 21st Aug 17

    I definitely need to visit Utah. It hasn’t been one of my places on my bucket list but I keep hearing more and more about it. Great post. Nothing is better than good food.

    • thehaywirehoney | 21st Aug 17

      Food might be the best thing about it lol

  2. Diana | 21st Aug 17

    What a great itinerary. thank you so much! 🙂

  3. Bridget | 22nd Aug 17

    Wow, didn’t know how much good food was in Utah!

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