Go on Safari in Florida! (Part 1)

Today I am feeling a little under the weather. My kids and husband have been passing gunk back and forth for weeks and I have finally be hit with fatigue and a yucky throat. I’ve got my cup  of hot cocoa and I am chilling at my kitchen counter with my laptop.

I am looking forward to some sunnier days that I have all my energy to go play outside with the kids. But since I am indoors for today and I am slated for lots of gym time  for the foreseeable future (weight training is my new hobby), I am looking back a little bit at some of the things my family has done since we moved back to Florida.

We came back towards the end of September 2017 and for weeks every day was busy with occupying kids, getting cars, a place to live, and settling into said place. While we still had boxes all over the place we managed to get out as a family and have a bit of fun.

Somewhere I have been in the past before having children, but now that I have kids and they are old enough to enjoy going out, we went to Lion Country Safari.

The safari has over three hundred acres with four miles of drive through safari. You do not need a large car to drive through the safari, windows should be kept closed at all times, and remember to never get out of your car. I understand why the park reminds people to stay in their car and keep their windows closed but I cannot see how some people think it’s a good idea to get out of their car and try to walk closer to wild animals that could kill you. As for windows, I DID open mine a smidge to take some pictures when it started raining and water droplets ruined my views.

Tip: Print off Lion Countries Coupon for $8 off each person and free parking, plus Groupon has deals on admission. Don’t forget to pair Groupon with Ebates for $$ back on your purchase. If you plan on going more than once in a year then consider getting their annual pass!

So at the entrance you are given a cd to play in your car while you drive and it gives information about the animals and their natural habitats as you pass through each section of the park. Our audio wasn’t working great but I do suggest listening in because some of the facts are pretty interesting and then you know what animals you are looking at.

The lions were all hanging out in the shade, sometimes they walk along the fence. An employee sits in a truck with bars around the windows, making sure no one gets out of their car or the lions decide to try and eat someone. Lots of little deer like things were running about, we were driving through at feeding time! It made for a lot of great photo opportunities while the animals all ate the food where a truck dropped it all out of the back.

See my list of things to do in South Florida in addition to Lion Country Safari.

We missed the white rhino and fyi, it’s hard to get decent pictures of the monkeys if you don’t have a good zoom. There is also a walk through area where you can pet some goats and things. There are water slides, some amusement rides, and animal encounter shows. The day that my family went in October it was very rainy for our visit (unbeknownst to us there was a tropical storm hitting the area that day!) but I will cover that portion of Lion Country in Part 2.

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