Gifts for Your Travel Junkie

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Halloween is barely over and Thanksgiving is yet to arrive. So why should you be thinking of Christmas gifts now?

(Or if you are reading this at a different time of year, maybe a Ramadan, birthday, Hanukkah, or anniversary gift)

The answer is, you know you’ll run out of time, spend more money, or forget about it and get your “loved” one a crappy gift if you don’t try and find something sooner.  Let’s face it, we want to be a good gift giver to those around us – unless you dislike the person.

I have anxiety and one way I try to make the holidays go a little smoother is by planning ahead. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this. I have three little boys to get some gifts for, a husband, the family we are secret Santa for from my husbands family, my parents, my in-laws, maybe my siblings, and some friends that occasionally do some gift exchanges.

Besides gift buying there are other things to plan for the holidays or any other special occasion. Breakfast, dinner, lunch, activities in-between? And what if there is also travel (I’m already formulating a plan of somewhere to go)? Yep. These things can get anyone stressed out and there are plenty of people with worse problems than me.

Don’t forget to use BeFrugal, Ebates, Ibotta, or other rebate apps and websites to save on your shopping!

Finding the Perfect Gift

Does your “person” like to travel or dream of doing so? I hope these suggestions are helpful to you when looking for the perfect gift for your travel junkie!

  1. To start off, if your traveler is a minimalist or seems to have all the little knick-knacks they need already, give the gift of an opportunity and buy them an activity from Groupon!
    • Florida Examples: Miami Seaquarium admission, a cruise, hotel stay at nice destination, tandem skydiving, etc. These gifts encourage us to get out and have some fun! Way better than a garden gnome..
  2. International Power Adapter (+4 usb charging port!)

3. Watercolor Scratch-off Map. How awesome are these for a way to show and remember your travels?!

4. Back Seat Organizer. For your parents friends, give the gift of organization! These rock for holding a tablet, baby wipes, coloring books, a sippy cup, and more. (I especially love mine when we are going on road trips)

5. Travel Passport Wallet. For those who need better organization and something pretty.6. Sometimes you need a little reminder to save up or even some motivation. Get a cool “piggy”bank!

7. A travel planner / journal


8. The gift basket that covers all your bases when you don’t know this person very well.

9. Clothing and Jewelry that your traveler will be proud to wear on their excursions.


If you like to get gag gifts then these will be up your alley! Good luck gift shopping ♥ (don’t forget that pink “travel massager” for sore muscles)

gifts for him. Gifts for her. Gifts for travelers.
Gifts for travelers. Gifts for him. Gifts for her.
Gifts for her. Gifts for him. Gifts for travelers.

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  1. Nisi | 6th Nov 17

    I am forwarding this article to my children! I love some of the products, especially the Tees and would actually use them. I hope they listen! 🙂

    • thehaywirehoney | 6th Nov 17

      I am glad you like them! I sent this to my husband so he has some ideas as well 🙂

  2. La Shell | 6th Nov 17

    I love love that piggy bank! Without me saving like crazy I would not have gone to half the places ive been. Great gifts!

  3. Sage | 7th Nov 17

    These are awesome suggestions!

  4. Meaghan Dawson | 7th Nov 17

    I have those back of seat travel organizers and let me tell you what a life saver they are! Great list! I may just gift myself that Wanderlust shirt today 🙂

    • thehaywirehoney | 7th Nov 17

      I have the organizers too! I am glad they’ve worked out for you 🙂

  5. emily robertson | 7th Nov 17

    this could not have come at a better time! definitely adding some of these to my list!

    • thehaywirehoney | 7th Nov 17

      Awesome! Glad this could be of help 🙂

  6. Justine | 7th Nov 17

    I’ve always wanted that scratch map but still hasn’t gotten one for myself. I really like that watercolour version! Maybe this year is the year I get one!

  7. Shreya Saha | 8th Nov 17

    International Power Adapter is the best one for me. Also, power bank. How can I forget that? I use gadgets so much I always need it. Very good list.

    • thehaywirehoney | 9th Nov 17

      The age of technology 😁 what device do you personally use the most?

  8. Catherine @ Whine and Dancing | 8th Nov 17

    That scratch off map is such a fun idea! Especially because it would be so easy for the kids to do the scratching!

    • thehaywirehoney | 9th Nov 17

      I’m a little old fashioned. That’s a good point, everything is going digital these days. I love to have a hard copy of my travels, maybe for some of would be more realistic to make digital notes then edit into a video or print out into a scrapbook.

  9. Medha | 8th Nov 17

    Someone did actually gift me a travel journal last year and it is beautiful but I haven’t used it. Not sure if I would write in a journal with a pen anymore considering that things are all online now. But I loved that gift so much! Maybe its time to take it out and start scribbling 🙂

  10. Wallis | 8th Nov 17

    Omg those gift ideas are the best!! Even though I kind of just want to buy them all for myself haha. I love the watercolor scratch of map!

    • thehaywirehoney | 9th Nov 17

      Thank you, the watercolor scratch off map might be my favorite as well.

  11. Ritika | 9th Nov 17

    Thanks for so many interesting ideas of gift.. i love organizer..m gonna give it to my other traveloholic friends..its a great list..

    • thehaywirehoney | 9th Nov 17

      Thank you 😊

  12. Renata | 9th Nov 17

    Some of the stuff is really great. Just ordered the scratch map for my daughter’s birthday. Thanx for the inspiration!

    • thehaywirehoney | 9th Nov 17

      That’s awesome, i hope she can scratch off the entire map you got her 😊

  13. Marteen | 9th Nov 17

    You can’t beat a travel journal to write everything down. I love the scratch-maps, I have my own but I’ve seen seen the watercolour ones!

  14. amit | 9th Nov 17

    You’ve got some great gift Ideas listed here, I love the water color scratch off map, something so simple but yet fun 😀 The travel adapter is just a must have, what would we travelers do without one haha.

  15. Followingtherivera | 9th Nov 17

    These are all great travel ideas! I never leave home without a usb port and adaptor, and I love those t-shirts too!

  16. Becca Talbot | 14th Nov 17

    As a traveller, I would love all of these things! Especially the water colour map – in fact, if someone doesn’t buy me one for Christmas, I’ll be severely disappointed haha! x

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