Have A “Fresh” Experience at Knaus Berry Farm

South Florida is getting a brisk New Year in 2018! The heat is turned on. I’ve got my electric kettle going and I’m going to do some more work on the blog and drink a hot cocoa. Starting 2018 I am looking back a week or two to some of the things I was able to do at the end 2017.

See why travel should be your goal in this new year!

Right now I am wishing I had some hot cinnamon rolls from my favorite Homestead shop (in addition to my cup of cocoa). Let me just say, cinnamon rolls from Publix are never quite fresh enough. Cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon are not what they used to be, they changed the recipe or something and they aren’t as good. Then there’s the fact that I have not gotten around to every single bakery in the Broward/Miami Dade counties.

Either way though, Knaus Berry Farm has the best cinnamon rolls I have ever had in a shop anywhere (up to today, January 4th, 2018). They are made fresh at the shop all day so when it’s your turn to order you get them hot and sticky and soft and delicious.

Knaus Berry Farm (KBF) is run by the Knaus family, and although it is commonly believed that they are an Amish family (I thought this as well), they are not actually Amish. The beards and hats kinda throw me off as well. They started off by selling strawberries and over time grew to sell baked goods, tomatoes, fresh produce, and ice cream. Visiting this shop/farm is sort of a locals secret and if you are able to get in the area you should definitely swing by!

KBF is tucked into a somewhat random spot in Homestead by a school, homes, and plant sale businesses. The parking lot tends to fill up quickly first thing in the morning and sometimes you have to park along the road and across the street. When the parking is filling up the know the expect a line to get in! I have heard that the wait is sometimes as long as two hours, this gives you an idea of how good their stuff is.

The morning that we went we got lucky. It was in the middle of the week and we left the house before nine am. The line was not too long but we did have our kids with us so we got some fresh fruit shakes  to snack on while we waited (they are thick and have real fruit). I bought a half dozen chocolate chip  cookies, a half dozen peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and a half dozen cinnamon rolls.

After I got my order (cash only!) I went with the family to the back left of the property to eat our breakfast and to also pick some fresh strawberries with the kids. KBF is only open for certain months of the year, pretty much Fall, Winter, and Spring, they close for the summer. So when strawberries and tomatoes are in season you may get the chance to go into their field and pick some right off the vine! The strawberries were the freshest and sweetest I have ever had, store bought are usually more tart where these were sweeter.


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