Explore the Dubai Rainforest

Explore the Dubai rainforest. Wait, what? Dubai is on the coast . . . in the desert. So how is there a rainforest in Dubai? Answer: Indoors of course!

The heat gets so intense in Dubai, but they (whoever “they” is) still want people to visit and have a good time (and spend money). So, they are smart and make many of their attractions indoors where air conditioning can keep everyone comfortable and happy.

Dubai is in the desert, so certain animals and vegetation will not thrive here. Dubai is aiming to provide many unique experiences to tourists and its residents. The Green Planet is no exception to this. Aside from entertainment value, it’s purpose is to teach people about the importance of a tropical forest to the worlds future.

The white square building located at City Walk, Dubai has a large glass cylinder where the path winds around the interior. A giant false tree goes from the base to the top of the building in its center. Once inside at the bottom you can look at large fish in a tank and in the middle a smaller tank houses archer fish that spit at food out of their reach to knock it into the water where they can then eat it.

Tip: Cheaper tickets can be purchased on Cobone.com (the local groupon equivalent).

The journey starts at the bottom but you go straight to the top from there. At each level there is an animal to “meet and greet” as well as educational boards. You can pet a snake, hissing cockroach, or millipede. At various times there is the feeding of a sloth, large parrots, prehensile tailed porcupines, and birds fly freely through the building. See the different stages of butterflies, the home system of large ants, and walk across bridges to platforms around the trunk of the tree. There is much to see in The Green Planet.

Our kids love this place, they have pet the snake and sadly the cockroach. Their favorite thing to do is run back and forth on the path and cross the rope bridge.  It is also a good spot for those without children, since it is one of the more “green” places in Dubai it is also a great place for photos. There is no time limit so take in everything, snap lots of pics and stay as long as possible. It does not take too long to see everything which makes it a great filler activity if you are on vacation here and have some free time. (See my 5day Dubai Itinerary Here)

Note: It is wheelchair accessible but not the best for strollers, so bring a baby carrier if you have a child that doesn’t walk yet. You shouldn’t need to bring any snacks or drinks to consume during your visit but you may want something after.

The gift shop is relatively small and offers lots of books and toys to do with forests and the animals that live in them. When leaving the premises you have to walk through this shop so be prepared for disappointed and crying children or pull that wallet out and buy them a giant stuffed snake toy.

One of the side benefits to this place is its location. City Walk is full of food options, wall art, shopping(high end), a movie theatre, and the occasional outdoor event. You can view upcoming events for City Walk, Here. The Dubai Mall and the beach are also close by, so you can get a lot done in a day around there. City Walk even offers housing and offices, and they look superb. I cannot imagine living in the middle of everything like that but it sure looks fantastic and has many benefits.

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