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Each year there is an event that I feel is specially made for foodies, the Dubai Food Festival. With three kids in tow I was not able to participate heavily in the food extravaganzas but eat the World DXB sounded like a neat event to take part in. Eat the World DXB is only a small portion of the full food festival. The festival is a promotion of sorts of the restaurants and dining available in Dubai.

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Eat the World was at Burj Park with a spectacular view of the Burj Kalifa, a bit of grass to walk on, and  food vendors and entertainment. It is located across the Dubai Fountain from the Burj Khalifa and next to the Dubai Opera. We arrived just before the evening session so we paid for the cheaper daytime rate (photos are from the 2016 event). The entertainment was a DJ at that moment and a band later on before we left. Nothing that piqued my interest greatly was played though. The food options were surprisingly slim, I was expecting more vendors than were present – perhaps it will grow over time and is publicized better. The Dubai Fountain show follows a regular schedule in the evenings. 

There were families and singles in attendance. Dubai is quite family friendly, there was a section dedicated to kids with a bounce house and activities for the evening. Although the food options were not what I expected I did try out a few vendors and items I had never had before. I have had some interesting foods over the years and there are millions more options to explore.

Churros Bros.


If there is churros (FB + Insta pages) served with chocolate sauce then you best get some for yourself! I am used to very large churros with tons of sugar and cinnamon (pretty easy to get a hold of in South Florida). These churros were thin and I think just had only the sugar on the outside but they were hot and fresh, the chocolate sauce had cinnamon and tasted great, and overall they were tasty.



Yumtingz (FB + Insta pages) served up some good fries and burgers. The unique aspect of their burgers though is that they offered a camel burger among other items. I of course got the camel burger because I had never had camel before (there are a few places to get camel burgers in Dubai). The meat was flavorful, it had some great spices and sauce on it, although I didn’t expect onions and other veggies on it. If you don’t like veggies then you can request to have them left off, although I did not feel the veggies  detracted from the burger. Thumbs up for Yumtingz, I liked it.


Where else to get a camel burger in Dubai: Switch, this restaurant is a short walk from the ice rink in the Dubai mall. It is trendy and has funky wavy walls, the prices are a little higher but the food quality is excellent. (Instagram pic)

As the sun went down we noticed that the Burj Kalifa sparkled and also lit up with different designs. Eat the World 2016 was overall a neat experience for someone who has never been before and I enjoyed it.




  1. Glory of the Snow | 13th Dec 17

    Wow, this looks amazing, would love to go there! I am hungry now 🙂

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