How to Earn Money With a Travel Blog

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I have not reached my one year mark yet with this blog, not even the six month mark. But, I have worked hard and am trying to emulate the dogs in the game so that at some point I can make a good full-time income working from “home”.

This is a travel blog, I go try out new places close and far and share my experiences with you all. There is the occasional post that is loosly about travel but contains some other topic. I have gotten some questions as to whether I enjoy this “hobby” of mine and then there are comment about how it must be nice to have something to play around with while the kids are napping.

Well, I do take this blog seriously, fyi. I pay for my domain, I pay for my email service that all my subscribers receive a weekly newsletter through and gain access to all my awesome Freebies with the page password. I create content and try to take many quality photos for you to see, two posts come out every single week. The pins I post on Pinterest are created by me. It’s a lot of work, and I am not playing around. This is work for me, and it is work that I highly enjoy.

Besides joy, what I can get out of this blog is also an income. I say CAN because it is not always guaranteed. I can make an income through my affiliate marketing, when I write a post and something I know, use, and like is relevant to the topic I can share a link or click-able image. If a reader clicks on the link and then signs up/purchases/whatever then I may receive a % of that sale. It’s kind of like I get paid by the company to advertise their product and the cost does not change for the customer. Pretty cool.

I do not include some of these in my travel blog posts because they are not relevant but I can still share them through Twitter and Pinterest.

Speaking of Pinterest, I’ve had great success increasing my daily visitors and income by utilizing Pinterest Ninja to “Up my game” and work Pinterest like a pro. I love Megan and her ecourse that outlines how to use Pinterest to Market YOUR business.

Ebates: Get $25 when a referral signs up and shops, the referral will get $10!

I use Ebates whenever I purchase something online, I have the search bar add-on. I generally save somewhere between 2-6% on my purchases and I love to tell others about EBates because it is so easy to use and save a little money.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Amazon: Depending on the product the customer purchases, you can earn between 0-10%.

I love Amazon, I use it all the time to get stuff I know I don’t have time to take 3 kids to the store to get.


SwagBucks: When your referral earns 300swagbucks you both get a $3.

This is a survey site, and I take surveys once or twice a week.

BeFrugal: $10 for you and $10 for your referral.

This is similar to Ebates, but sometimes there is a better % back using BeFrugal so it is good to take a look before paying for your purchase. Cash Back

AirBnb: $40 for your referral to use and $20 for you when they use AirBnb for the first time.

If you are going to be traveling, you should try our AirBnb, the prices and locations can be much more affordable and convenient (BUT, sometimes not so makes sure to shop around). If you have the space to host then you can even sign up and make some extra money when you get some visitors.

Ibotta: Referral gets $10 and you get $5.

This reabte app is pretty great! There are a ton of products listed that when you purchase then confirm you earn money back in the app that you can have sent to your paypal. You can also stack these rebates with coupons and even Target cartwheel and save plenty.

Groupon: $10 in Groupon bucks when a referral signs up.

I’m sure you know Groupon, deals on local stuff and activities. You can also pair this with Ebates!

PicMonkey: 50% of each sale that you referred.

I’m not a professional photographer or photo editor, but I really love how easy PinMonkey is.  It is easy enough for me to do edits to photos and to create pins for pinterest and even make holiday cards and things for events that have nothing to do with the blog.

ConvertKit: 30% commission on every sale you refer.

I use this for my emails to subrscribers in addition to the subscription forms and free media when a readers signs up on the blog. It really streamlines the newsletters and makes things go smoothly.


Google Adsense: $$ for views and clicks of advertisements placed on your website.

Tailwind: Free month of Tailwind for your referral and you get $15 each. Plus, you get a $25 Amazon gift card when 5 of those referrals upgrade to the Plus plan.

I have only been using Tailwind for a month but I am enjoying it. I can schedule my pins ahead of time so for new posts and even schedule pins from other websites. This makes my Pinterest chores go quicker and can increase my Pinterest statistics.

Other ways: Money can be earned through other ways, which I have not started to participate in and I am unsure if I ever will. Some are: Paid posts, when a company pays you to reviews their product or service. Editing, or write for magazines or other online sources for pay. There even more companies to affiliate with and they don’t have to be specifically for travel, I hope you can find ones that you love and support. I look forward to growing as well and sharing more awesome brands in the future!

Make money from home with a travel blog! Here's some affiliates I like to use and earn a little as a stay at home mom.
Make money from home with a travel blog! Here's some affiliates I like to use and earn a little as a stay at home mom.

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  1. Glory of the Snow | 16th Nov 17

    Lovely post, blogging is very time consuming and I don’t think people realise how much hard work goes into it! Thanks for sharing these great ways of earning money with a travel blog! 🙂

    • thehaywirehoney | 31st Jan 18

      Yes! Sometimes it takes full-time hours or even more. Happy Blogging <3

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