Butterfly World

butterfly world, florida. The best place to see butterflies in florida, go for a fun family activity.
butterfly world, florida. The best place to see butterflies in florida, go for a fun family activity.
butterfly world, florida. The best place to see butterflies in florida, go for a fun family activity.
butterfly world, florida. The best place to see butterflies in florida, go for a fun family activity.

When it’s chilly outside and we are busy, the kids do not get to play at the playground or outside in general as much as they typically want to. This last week I had to drop my husband off at the airport for a business trip and I decided that the kids had been indoors plenty in the last few weeks so we should go out and play somewhere after ditching dad.

After leaving the airport I got on the highway and started heading North and right when I put google maps directions to our destination in my phone  it told me to get off the highway because of a huge traffic jam just ahead. I of course was driving right past the exit I should have taken just as google was telling me to take it. And just past the exit was the traffic. I chugged along for a while and the first exit I could take that google was advising me to was backed up.

Along the streets in Fort Lauderdale, one by one, over ten police cars rushed past me. I wove my way through the city before getting onto the Turnpike for a few seconds before taking the next exit to my final destination. Holy cow, that was the most round about way to get where I wanted! I couldn’t help but laugh, first thing in the morning I had thought “I’ll just drive over and have a nice chill day and it will really fun for the kids”. It was initially so different than what I had planned.

Well, we made it to Butterfly World just fine. A twenty minutes tops drive turned into over an hour but we made it! The entire way over my oldest kid kept complaining that he wanted to go to the playground outside and that he was NOT going to Butterfly World. No way. I repeatedly had to tell him that there was indeed a playground and that we were going to see lots of butterflies and he would love it (obviously he did not believe me, I am a liar).

Lo and behold, we played at the playground  next to Butterfly World in TradeWinds Park. The day we went was Martin Luther King Jr Day, so we had to pay the $1.50 park entrance fee for a holiday. The kids had fun playing for a bit before I had to tear them away and torturously take them to look at butterflies. The horror.

Note: You can get $3 off per person in your group if you flash the coupon from Butterfly World’s website (HERE).

There is a little research area with cocoons and caterpillars to look at in the beginning, it’s pretty neat. This is right before you go outside and walk around an enclosed garden area with all the butterflies. There are double doors so none escape. There are lots of flowers, trees, fountains, and of course butterflies. My youngest is not quite two years old and he cried every time a butterfly got close to him, he was so scared of them!


There was a waterfall in there, some birds, it is a clean and well kept place. Before leaving the butterfly enclosure you have to show that there are no butterflies in your bag and they swipe a duster over the underside of any strollers or wheelchairs you are using.

Next there is a botanical path with lots of flowers you walk through towards a bird area. There are two bird areas. There are finches and other small birds, I am not sure what kind they all were, one was medium sized and round and went along the ground like a chicken.

If you need a snack there is a small kitchen that offers packaged goodies but they also do a small selection of sub sandwiches. We went for an ice cream treat. After I ate the two ice cream sandwiches I bought my kids we went and looked at the parrots. No strollers are allowed in this area, it has a two door entry as well. For one dollar you can feed the parrots, they sit on your hands and lick the syrup out of a small dish you get from the attendant. (He seemed kind of a stern guy, I wonder if he hates his job? lol)

I could not get any pictures of feeding the birds because my kids were too scared to have the birds on them, so I had to do it. What a shame, not really.


After everything else there is just a dead insect museum and live bug room, nothing too special but a calm way to end your visit. We looked at the roaches then headed back outside to the playground to wrap up the day. It does not take more than maybe two hours to see everything at Butterfly World. I would go slow and spend as much time with the butterflies as possible. A lot of people sit on a bench and wait for some to land on them. The playground is a nice spot to let kids play and eat a picnic lunch as well (or there is McDonalds down the road if you are like me and take the easy road).

We had a good trip and by the time we left my kids were asking to go back and see the butterflies again. I hope you have as good of a time there as we did (minus the crappy traffic).

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