The Best Ice Cream Parlor (Part 2)

As much as I try to eat a healthy and balanced diet these days I will forever and always be a fat girl at heart. Ice cream is one thing that I still buy on a whim and eat in the afternoon when the kids are watching tv. I shove the container down in the garbage so my husband doesn’t see it and I don’t have to feel guilty when he asks if I bought ice cream yet again. Yes, I am a closet ice cream eater!

But I do love to go to Jaxsons Ice Cream Parlor and eat ice cream out in the open from time to time. They make all their ice cream in-house (as well as their sodas and food of course) and they are quite delicious. It’s thick, creamy, and the flavors are strong and simple. There are lots of flavors to choose from and dessert options.

Read my review of the food at Jaxsons HERE

Check out all those flavors! ⇑

Jaxsons is perfect for taking your friendly and family that are visiting from out of town. It’s got a quirky candy shop in front and decorations throughout. More than just out-of-towners, it’s an excellent place to go for special occasions. For birthdays you can get a sparklers covered ice cream and a birthday song. If you have at least 4 people you can also order “The kitchen sink”, it is a literal sink (not as big as the one you probably have at home but still big) and they fill it with ice cream in the flavors of your choice. If you cannot finish it you can get containers to take leftovers home.

By the way, the beach is just down the street, so head over here after you are lobster-ized in the Florida sun.

I mentioned in the Part 1 post, the house made sodas are delicious. My favorite to date is the cola with vanilla – and believe me when I say it is awesome! I do not even like Coke. But, this is smooth and has that creamy punch of vanilla in there, it’s great.

All the desserts are equal to the food, they are huge! You really can’t go wrong with any of them, goblets, sundaes, splits, floats, etc. (See the Menu Here) If you aren’t sharing and can’t eat too much then order one or two scoops of your choice flavor or a sundae.

Florida vacation food, the best food and ice cream in florida! Get it in dania beach.
Florida vacation food, the best food and ice cream in florida! Get it in dania beach.

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  1. Kalyani | 30th Nov 17

    This place sounds awesome! I’m with you on the Cola and Vanilla, I’m usually not into soda or pop like that, but I did always like the Vanilla Coke flavor they had a long time ago! The Kitchen Sink sounds insane, haha, but I really want to visit Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor some day! Thanks for sharing 😀

    • thehaywirehoney | 30th Nov 17

      Jaxsons vanilla cola is WAY better that the Coke product, I used to like that one too!

  2. Glory of the Snow | 3rd Dec 17

    OMG, this ice cream looks DIVINE! 🙂

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