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If you grew up in Broward County, Florida then you very likely have been to Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor at some point in your youth. I have been there more often as an adult because it is a fun place to take visitors and the food is very good!

Do you love large portions? Homemade soda? Homemade ice-cream? Quirky wall decorations? I love all of theses and Jaxsons has these and more. There is so much there that I will have a separate post to talk about the Ice-cream! (Coming Soon). That’s okay, because I can tell you about the food in this post today. The food is great, the food is delicious, the food is heavenly, and I love to eat the food there. Convinced yet?

Monroe opened Jaxson’s in 1956 and has been “featured on the Food Network’s Top Five as the Top Cool Quencher. Bon Appetit, Southern Living and the local press are also fans of Jaxson’s”(Jaxson’s). Monroe has since passed away but it is still a family run business today! (News Article on upgrades) Did you know that the owner was ahead of his time by hiring and serving individuals of color when segregation was still at large? Way to go Monroe!

Outside there is a little carousel and electric pony to ride for $1. To the left of the entrance you can order some ice-cream “to-go” from a window. Inside the entrance is a little gift and candy shop that carries retro candies and cute little items for kids. I love the candies that I used to eat as a kid. The walls are decorated with old school sewing machines, unique license plates, photos, and other odd items.

This place can get pretty hectic on the weekends, especially in the evenings. The best times I have been is a weekday and for lunches. If you want an evening here make sure your entire party is there and just wait in line out front (you wont be seated until pretty much your entire group is on the premises). Since it is very close to Dania Beach, it’s convenient to stop by after baking in the sun all day.

You really can’t lose no matter what you order! I have had the hot dog, a salad, the Reuben sandwich, a burger, and some other things. I have also had the ice-cream ( More about that Later…). The sodas are made there and they taste fantastic. Really, order a cola with a shot of vanilla or cherry, it’s so good and I don’t like the taste of Coke but this was creamy and smooth on the taste buds. The pickles are also homemade, they have a light pickle-y flavor instead of the super strong punch that you get with most jarred pickles. While you wait for your order you will get unlimited popcorn to munch on!

(hot dog-not the big one, chili cheese fries, Reuben sandwich)

Serving sizes are large here so if you want room for ice-cream that same meal then you should probably split your main course. Some people can work through the dinner and then eat dessert as well but I am not one of those people. I’m normal. There are hot dogs, sandwiches (hot and cold), burgers, wraps, chicken and seafood. The platters are even bigger than the “regular” portions.

I can’t wait to go back and eat a giant serving of ice-cream! With so many flavors and combinations to choose from I don’t know what I will get but I know I will savor that creaminess and enjoy every last bite.

Don’t forget to have your picture taken out front with your face as a scoop of ice-cream!

Best food in Florida. Where to eat in south florida. Best ice cream in florida. Jaxsons ice cream parlor in dania beach, florida.
Best food in Florida. Where to eat in south florida. Best ice cream in florida. Jaxsons ice cream parlor in dania beach, florida.

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  1. Followingtherivera | 20th Oct 17

    Wow the food here looks great, thanks for sharing!

  2. Jackie | 20th Oct 17

    I used to love old-fashioned Vanilla Coke! And a hotdog wrapped in bacon? I gotta try that.

  3. Kyntra Strickland | 20th Oct 17

    This looks so YUMMY! If I’m ever near Broward County, Florida I will be making a detour here.

  4. Medha | 21st Oct 17

    Looks like such a cute place! I love their variety of ice cream flavours! The retro interiors and the carousel outside are perfect little touches. Seems like a great place, thanks for sharing!

  5. Keri|flipflopweekend | 27th Oct 17

    I swear that anywhere I go I am always on the hunt for the cutest, tastiest, best ice cream/ice cream shop in the area. I am definitely marking this one for the next time we head a little southbound! Thanks for sharing!

    • thehaywirehoney | 29th Oct 17

      It’a nice to know places other than the obvious chains 🙂

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