Authentic Gelato in Pembroke Pines

In Dubai I was surprised to see Gelato in many malls as the main cold treat compared to traditional ice cream. I drank the gelato “coolaid” and it was delicious. I was surprised by how creamy it was and the fruity taste was strong and clean (you know how some ice creams leave a film and have a hint of artificial sweetener, this doesn’t have that). I am a sucker for Cold Stone a few times a year, Halo Top when I snag a container at Walmart, and Jaxsons when I want sit-down with food as well. I like to have multiple options for my ice creams so I can choose one that fits whatever occasion arises.

Luckily, Dubai is not the only place with gelato and I found a place with authentic Italtian gelato in the heart of Pembroke Pines, Florida. Gelato may still be ice cream, albeit Italian, but it is also lower in fat than other styles of ice cream. It is made with a base of milk, cream, and sugar and is flavored with fruit and nut purees among other flavorings.

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Vaniglia E Cioccolato (Zomato)(Instagram) is owned by Stefano Quilli (who is Italian) attended Gelato University in Rome! He was born and lived there before coming to America and opening shop. The best place to get gelato is from an establishment such as this one, the owner is Italian who went to University for making gelato. It is pretty great gelato!

They have a large number of flavors to choose from. Everything sitting in the glass freezers look pristine and beautifully delicious. Fresh fruits sit atop the perfectly displayed ice creams to show flavors and to hint that these are high quality sweets. There’s not much to say besides I really liked their product. Sometime I need to go back and try more than just two flavors in a cup.

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  1. Ambuj Saxena | 4th Jan 18

    These gelatos look so yum! I would love to try them in Dubai next time. Dubai is a great place to have the best of everything in the world!

  2. Followingtherivera | 5th Jan 18

    Spending half my time in Italy, I eat a lot of good gelato! I’ve never heard of Pembroke Pines, but now I know they have good gelato, I’ll remember it!

  3. Medha | 5th Jan 18

    So good to know you found good gelato in Florida! Yes, Dubai has pretty amazing gelato too, I live here and absolutely love the gelato at Morelli’s in Dubai Mall. Your hidden finds seems to be pretty cool too!

  4. Martina | 5th Jan 18

    Thanks for the recommendations! Its not easy to find some authentic ice cream somewhere…

  5. Exploring Curiously | 5th Jan 18

    I love gelato! Some do not have a dairy base, yet are just as delicious.

  6. Catherine | 5th Jan 18

    I love gelato and would love to try this shopfront a delicious treat!

  7. Iulia | 8th Jan 18

    Wow! There’s gelato making school?? That is pretty cool! I am sure that gelato tastes exquisite. I had the best gelato of my life in a tiny shop in Verona… I could never forget it 😍😍

  8. Melanie | Traveling with Monkeys | 11th Jan 18

    I love gelato! I feel like authentic gelato is definitely a more exciting treat than just ColdStone 🙂

    • thehaywirehoney | 11th Jan 18

      Oooo, that one is a little bit of a toss-up for me! I love getting my seasonal pumpkin flavor at ColdStone, but the Gelato is typically super fresh and . . . different haha.

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