A Cool Moms Packing List & Purse for Dubai

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A few weeks ago I shared a Girls Guide to Packing for Dubai  as well as a guide to survive that long international flight. There are so many different things to pack when it comes to being a childless adult or a mom or dad of any number of children. Men, you will be neglected in this post, it’s just the way it is. I think we women (particularly moms) are notorious for being OCD with the packing. I know I am. If I left my husband to pack the bags for the kids then there would be a ton of things missing. Besides that, I always carry the kids items that we need during the flight so it’s best to just do it myself.

So this list is for the cool moms out there! (Because I am so totally cool myself) I don’t want to cover the international flight because I already did that Here. What I think will be helpful in this post is covering what to bring to Dubai as a mom that you will need during your trip once you have arrived in the UAE. I also have some tips and tricks to share so you can try to pack a little lighter.
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Tip: Pack for the activities you have planned and the duration of your stay! You may need a dress or skirt and heels and the boys in your family may need a collared shirt. Check with venues ahead of time for any dress codes.

For an individual packing list for your carry-on bag and tips to survive the long flight, go Here.

What to bring for your kids

Kids get messy. FYI, most hotels offer a laundry service, and they are generally well priced, so get your clothing cleaned without any extra work. Plus, kids don’t mind wearing the same two outfits for a week.

  • Shorts and shirts, it is warm year round.
  • A light jacket, although it’s warm outside, the AC will be pumping just about everywhere you go.
  • One pair of closed toe shoes will work fine plus lots of socks.
  • Swim wear (if you can, bring a full coverage suit or swim guard, the sun is unforgiving)
  • Sunscreen(small), sunglasses, and hats.
  • Temporary identification tattoos (so someone can help your kid find you if they get lost)

What to get here

  • If you have a kid in diapers, bring some for the flight and to cover a few hours after your arrival. Huggies and Pampers are easy to find here and price is comparable so just buy some here so you can keep your bag a little lighter. (Baby Joy is my favorite diaper brand here) This includes swim diapers
  • Formula. Grab some at your nearest market.
  • Snacks. Food stuff is best to get here, only pack what you’ll want on the flight.
  • Make your kid(s) a little happier when you are out by getting them a gift! You can find things at any mall.

What you should bring for yourself

I know that being a mom, the kids getting dressed in the morning often takes priority over getting ready ourselves. It’s nice to pack some cute and fantastic things but if it isn’t in your usual wardrobe then it probably will be a waste of space in your luggage. Bring things that you are most comfortable in (and cover your shoulders and knees)

  • Light flowing clothes are awesome, but your regular pair of jeans and short sleeve shirts will do the trick.
  • Bring multipurpose items!
  • Try to stick with only two pairs of shoes, something flat, plain, and comfy for long walking and another flat shoe that maybe is a little more dressy. (You don’t want to chase kids around in heels, trust me)
  • You may want to bring gym clothes, but be realistic, will you really have time?
  • A cardigan is likely to come in handy.
  • An extra duffel bag to fit all the great goodies in on your way home! (Here’s my guide to souvenir buying in Dubai)
  • A cute swim suit! Dubai has lots of body types and cultures, no one cares what you look like.
  • Chances are, you wont have a ton of time to relax on your own but if you do, bring a kindle or tablet with reading material.

What should be in your purse each day?

  • That little bottle of sunscreen
  • Chap stick
  • Sunglasses
  • Baby wipes + diapers
  • Water bottle + special bottle or cups for kids
  • Your phone or camera
  • Cash
  • Snacks. Little stuff like nuts or granola bars go a long way for keeping people less grouchy till the next meal.

A note on bags: A backpack is so much easier to handle with kids than a purse. Find something that has lots of compartments or one that’s real simple and get an organizing insert for it.

Stroller: Bring that sucker with you everywhere. It’s no fun carrying a tired child when you yourself are  tired. If you have some accessories for your stroller like a bag or clips to attach bags to then make sure you have them. That stroller is going to be your shopping cart every now and then as well.

Keep in the car

  • Ziploc or other plastic bag
  • Spare simple outfit for each kid (poop happens)

I hope that this list helps you out! I left out the things that are completely obvious or will vary greatly from person to person and family to family. Good luck and enjoy your trip!

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  1. Heather | 4th Oct 17

    Great tips! I haven’t been to Dubai in years, but this list will come in handy if I’m ever able to visit with my son.

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