8 Things You’ll be Happy To Leave in Dubai

I have come to love Dubai. I don’t want to pack everything up and move on (Maybe because I don’t want to pack and move with 3 children across the world….that 14hr flight is h*ll). Relocation is coming up fast and I just hope that I can get things thrown together when the time comes. It’s in the nature of Dubai, everyone is coming and going. Did you know that you cannot retire here unless you are a citizen?

Sometimes I feel like I never want to leave. Other times I feel like that miraculous day can’t come soon enough! I was so anxious to arrive in Dubai before we moved here because I was pregnant and wanted to get settled before the baby arrived. Now I am comfortable here and don’t entirely want to leave. At the same time though, I really want to get out quick so I can put together a new home for my family and get my oldest into school.

I will miss so many things – Which I mentioned in my 10 Things You’ll Love About Dubai post. Dubai has become a second home for sure.

There are certainly things that I will NOT miss as well.


Oh, my goodness. Everyone is going to Dubai in the AM and it’s all coming out by 1pm. Even the back streets get congested and forget about any side street in the evenings on the weekend. Traffic gets congested very quickly because of poor road patterns. The highway exits cross paths with the entrances and cars slow down a ton to merge. Only one direction of traffic drives at an intersection because of the light pattern. 

Poor quality of groceries

The fruits and veggies are often of poor quality. Meat and Chicken as well are not amazing. Just think how long it took for the products to get from the starting point to the local Dubai market counter. I miss my neighborhood grocery with local produce and goods that came from the state I lived in. (If you want consistent fair quality – shop Spinneys or Choithrams!)


Because I equate weevils to my poor days growing up and we had bugs in our food and nothing we could do about it. I can afford good rice now but can I please not have bugs in it! (I’m aware I might find contaminated product in another country. *sigh*) It can be a pain to do it but I have to make sure there aren’t any holes in the bag or boxes I purchase then I either put the item in a ziploc bag or use some kind of tie to keep the bag air tight (like with my rice, cereal, and pasta).


I think this one is self explanatory. It gets hot in other places but here it is over 110°F (43.3°C) and also humid because we are right on the coast.

The sandy air

Air quality is very poor at times, coughing and a sore throat has become normal.

Ridiculously high rent prices and education fees! 

A three bedroom apartment can be well over aed150,000($40,000+) per year and school fees for children range widely but will cost a few thousand dollars per year for each child in addition to the few thousand a year the school bus will cost.

My small household appliances

The washer/dryer combo is really not my favorite and it’s SO small. My fridge is kinda cramped too. What can say, I have been spoiled by large industrial appliances in America. I won’t miss 1 load of laundry taking 6hrs for washing and drying.


lol (phone provider) They call me a few times a month to try and sell me a new, more expensive plan.

There is a chance I will look back at these things with nostalgia, I may have worse options in the future after all! There are plenty of other items I can add to the list(round-abouts). For now I will dream of large industrial appliances, breezy traffic, moderate temperatures, lower rent, etc. etc. Oh how confusing it is to dislike and yet love so many things in one place! 


  1. Stacie | 13th Sep 17

    This is such a great article… good luck with the move!

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