11 Things to do in Sharjah, UAE

Dubai is big and amazing but not everyone ends up living in the center of it. A cheaper option than living in Dubai is to be right outside of it in Sharjah. While living in such a unique area of the world it would be a shame to not try and explore some of what is available in all areas you are able to visit.

Sharjah is one of the oldest Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. Although it is a more conservative Emirate in the country, there is plenty to do and see in the area. I hope that this list can help some people who may be visiting and not sure what to do, or moving the area and don’t know what is around them.

Al Qasba

At this mostly outdoor attraction there is something for everyone. There is a childrens fun zone to play at, dinning, rides, and the Eye of the Emirates.

Sharjah Aquarium

It is not as grand as the Dubai Mall Aquarium but it is well priced and offers a shorter visit for families to enjoy without being overwhelmed. There is a restaurant on the premises, events held by the water, a play ground outdoors, and the Maritime Museum right next door.

Al Hisn Fort

See one of Sharjahs old defense locations newly renovated. Here you can see and read about Sharjah history and some of the most important historical buildings.

Souq Al Jubail (Full Post)

If you want a local experience and to pick out some fresh produce while you are at it then Souq Jubail is where you should go. I love to stock up and get some hard to find items that I can freeze and use later.

Blue (Central) Souq

This Sharjah souq is a popular location. Tours come here each day. There are two buildings filled with jewelry, rugs, trinkets, and other neat finds. Remember not to take the first price offered by the salesman! Read my guide of souvenir shopping in Dubai HERE.

Arabias Wildlife Center (Full Post)

Dubai has the Jumeirah Zoo (soon to be relocated, Dubai Safari) but Sharjah has the Wildlife Center! There are endangered animals here and other creatures that live on and around the Arabian Peninsula.

Discovery Center

Here is where you will want to go for a cheap place to have fun with your children. It is located just past the Sharjah Airport. There are soft play areas, a driving course, and lots of science learning activities and play areas for little and big kids alike.

AdventureLand at Sahara Mall

All the malls have some sort of play area for children and AdventureLand is it for Sahara Mall. This indoor mini theme park is one of my favorite. It is complete with arcade games, a carousel, roller coasters, prizes, bumper cars, and more.

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization (Full Post)

If you love to read about a countries history when you travel or see old artifacts then this Museum is the spot for you. It is all indoors in this long beautiful building in Sharjah. The halls are quiet and calm (not really a kid oriented spot).

Al Khan Beach

This beach is easy to get to, located just behind the Sharjah Aquarium. Parking is free outside the gate but for a closer spot to the beach and a shorter walk you can park inside the gate for a fee. It is a family friendly beach, lots of space to spread out usually, and lots of fish and creatures to look at by the jetty.

Al Majaz Waterfront

Besides some great food with year round outdoor seating this spot is a good place to spend a Friday evening. Entertainment is regularly available here and a lights, fire, and water show runs a few times per night. For a stroll on the water you can rent an abra for 30min or 1hr.

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Middle east travel.
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Middle east travel.

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