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In July 2017 I went on a vacation with friends from out of town, really it was a “staycation” since I live in Dubai. Before they arrived we asked what things they absolutely wanted to do while they were here, and I added it to our trips itinerary. Now that it has come and gone, I can share how the trip went and also offer you all a FREE 5 day itinerary which reflects what we were actually able to do.

First off, the trip was fantastic. If you want a laid back (lazy) trip where you only do like 5 or 6 things then this is NOT the itinerary for you. This itinerary was made to fill each day with as much as possible with minimal “down time” so that the trip had the maximum number of activities (OVER 15!) given the days of the week, time of year (summer), and location of said activities.

Activities included in this itinerary: Burj Khalifa + Dubai Fountain, Burj Al Arab, Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque, and Aquaventure Water Park (to name a few).

Making this itinerary took more than 4 hours. So save yourself some time and download it! I researched times of operation, booking requirements, locations, and took into consideration the best times of day for activities and also when and where meals would be available. I also made notes on various things like if there are discounts that can be used and maybe if a stroller is needed. Also, although there are places that may be a little more difficult with young children, I did do all of the itinerary with 3 little kids in tow (4yrs and younger). It IS possible, with a little switching off, and we had 4 adults at all times.

This itinerary was vital to the success of our trip. Reservations were some items were made weeks in advance. If I did not have an itinerary we would have driven around aimlessly or sat indoors with nothing to do for hours on end. Because I had this itinerary I had a good idea of what we could get done, and I had a list of alternates in the event we had spare time. We did have spare time, and we did use alternates. We also took breaks and rearranged when our group needed to rest. It is important to go with the flow and make changes when necessary, and with the itinerary we could do just that and still do the major items we wanted to.

I believe that having an itinerary for a vacation is so important. It means that you know what you want to do, when you want to do it, and that you will be getting the most out of your trip. If you do not plan ahead then you might miss something great and regret not doing more when you had all the opportunity to do so.

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