Eat at The Most Luxurious Hotel in The World

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The sail-shaped hotel, known as the Burj Al Arab, has been voted “the most luxurious hotel in the world” multiple times. The Hotel is often referred to as the 7* star hotel, although this is an unofficial title and not one that the Burj Al Arab uses for itself. This hotel might be on every Dubai bucket list I have seen on the internet and it is easy to see why. Looking at this beautiful building once brought out my curiosity to see what is inside and sample some of what they have. The perfect opportunity to visit the Burj Al Arab arose when some friends came to town,  I quickly added it to our  vacation itinerary.

Wild Wadi water park shares the road leading to the Burj Al Arab. However, before you can go further to the hotel there is a guard house which you have to get approval. I was told that the only way to get in was if you were being driven in a limo. That is not true! Someone I followed on Instagram posted about having dinner there and I asked how she managed to do it. The answer was simple, make a reservation on their website! Of course it would be so simple since I had not looked into at all until then. There is a website for the hotel and tons of information as well as their reservation system.

There are nine dining options at the Burj Al Arab. I chose the restaurant Al Iwan for our group, it was described as family friendly. This buffet is Arabic, arguably one of the best places to get this cuisine.

With our reservation made in advance, we drove up to the gate in our clunker mini-van with 3 children and 4 adults. I snapped some shots along the road leading to the hotel entrance, an oven-like heat filling the car with the window open. Valet managed our car while we went indoors to wait for the restaurant to open for lunch.

Gold leaf is all over the place and a sort of rainbow theme carried in various areas such as the ceilings or in the fountains. It is quite beautiful. The inside is just as pristine as the outside appears, brilliant clean white all over. There are two large fish tanks, one to the side of each escalator on the ground floor leading to the first floor lobby.

The dishes available at Al Iwan ranged from starters, salads, shell fish, meat and rice, to desserts and savory sweets. All foods were of fine quality and it was nice to have the versatility of the buffet to try multiple items. I would not know what to order from a menu, so it’s great to see what everything looked like and get a taste of anything I had room for in my stomach.

One item that our visiting friends ordered was a special drink. In some Dubai restaurants you will see items on the menu that have gold fleck or powder in them. A single glass of apple juice with gold fleck is what they ordered. They were nice enough to let me taste it. If you have ever had Martinelli’s apple cider, that is what it tasted like. That and money.

In my reservation I made a note that we would need one high-chair, they provided a nice one with an infant bowl, plate, cup, silverware, and a bib. Booster seats were provided for the other children. The restaurant had a dress code listed online as business casual, we made sure that we were wearing suitable clothing for our visit. Our youngest was given a small gift (a cute little stuffed sea turtle toy) before leaving. Each guest was also given a box with chocolate dates,  it was a nice touch.

The rest of the hotel, aside from restaurants, offers 202 suites, shopping, 3 pools, a helicopter pad, fitness center, spa, private beach, complimentary childcare (ages 1-12yrs), access to Wild Wadi water park, Rolls Royce drivers, private yachts, private butler services, and more. One night in “the most luxurious hotel” costs roughly aed4,050-33,000($1,097-8,943)! I can’t imagine ever spending quite so much per night in a hotel. Like they say, if you can afford it, why not? Maybe I will make that much money one day . . . Yeah right!

I am glad that I could go to the Burj Al Arab and get a “taste” of what they have to offer!


  • Research the dinning options
  • Check what kind of food is served
  • Check what times the restaurant is open
  • Check the dress code
  • Check if it fits your group (kid friendly or more romantic?)
  • Make a reservation
  • Show up and enjoy!
Romantic getaway on the palm, jumeirah, dubai. Valentines date idea for moms and dads.
Romantic getaway on the palm, jumeirah, dubai. Valentines date idea for moms and dads.
Romantic getaway on the palm, jumeirah, dubai. Valentines date idea for moms and dads.
Burj Al Arab Dubai, seven start hotel and most luxurious. How to get in!
How to get into the exclusive Burj Al Arab, Dubai. Ship sail hotel.
Al Iwan restaurant inside the Burj Al Arab. Dubai hotel.
Dubai hotel that looks like ship sails. Seven star hotel Dubai.

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  1. Emma | 27th Jul 17

    It’s nice to see a restaurant making it easier for families to eat with young children. So many upmarket establishments frighten families away.

  2. Jaime | | 27th Jul 17

    Wow, fancy fancy! My husband’s brother and his wife live in Dubai. I call him “Mr Metropolitan”… I’m going to ask them if they’ve ever been to this hotel – thanks for the review!

    • thehaywirehoney | 1st Aug 17

      What a small world! I wonder if I have ever run across them 🙂 If they haven’t then they definitely should!

  3. Shell | 27th Jul 17

    I think it’s fabulous how accommodating they are for those with children! Most high end hotels are not…

  4. Trish | 27th Jul 17

    This place sounds out of this world. I never would have thought that I could book lunch at a place that I cannot afford to stay, but really want to see… I travel specifically with the hope of experiencing things I never could at home, so I’ll be keeping this in mind for the next gated venue I want to see 😉

  5. Mark | 27th Jul 17

    Great post
    If only more restaurants where this accommodating for children. The hotel pictures look incredible!
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Shell | 28th Jul 17

    What a fabulous place to visit !!! Normally upscale locations are not so accommodating to families… love this!!

    • thehaywirehoney | 1st Aug 17

      Agreed, I think that the hospitality is unique to the area, Dubai is very family friendly.

  7. Amy | 28th Jul 17

    You have made me quite curious and want to explore more around Dubai! Beautiful experience and pictures!

  8. Adrienne | 28th Jul 17

    I agree with you about the buffet. Being able to see the food when you are trying a new cuisine makes it easier. Great that they extended all the little luxuries to you.

  9. Charlotte | 28th Jul 17

    A feast for the eyes as well as your stomach. Atmosphere is crucial to a fine dining experience. Thanks for posting.

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