Car Museum of Abu Dhabi

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The first time I went to Abu dhabi I had the opportunity to go to the Auto Museum. 

The Emirates National Auto Museum is a rather large collection of vehicles owned by Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. It is a little ways out in the desert past some roundabouts, construction, and housing for workers. When you reach it though, it is hard to miss. There are one of a kind vehicles inside, you get to see cars that do not exist anywhere else. I enjoyed looking at the vintage, custom made, and altered vehicles on display.  The entry fee is 50AED for adults.

Note: Make sure you eat before of visiting the Museum or bring a picnic! There are not many options out this way. Stick with brands you are familiar with (McDonalds, Wendy’s, etc.)

This place is large and impressive. There is a giant “globe car” parked in front, I believe in the past visitors were able to go inside of it, but that is no longer the case. The entry is tucked away in the front of the pyramid. There is a path that leads you up and down each isle of cars through the entire museum. There is a ramp that goes up and around the perimeter of the inside so you can look down into the backs of cars and overall get a nice areal view of what there is to see.

Tip: Walk the high platform first then wander through everything on ground level.

It was calm and quiet the day that we went. There were few people around and we spent lots of time looking at the interesting details on the cars. As a private collection, there are different aspects of the cars where you can see the owner had a preference for specific details. There were 5 or more of certain cars, the only difference between each one being the color. Some cars hardly seemed functional but were quite fun to look at!

If you have little boys or any car lovers this is one Museum you should add to your bucket list. At the time I had a newborn and my other two were only 2 and 1 years old. They still loved it. There were many “Wooows” and “Cars! Cars! Cars!” uttered. The children were able to run a bit and seemed to enjoy it enough that they were sad to leave. I know I was tired after all that walking around.

I think the owner of the collection loves rainbows because they were everywhere! They would be seen on small details of a car or the entire car itself. There were over sized cars as well! The giant red truck in the back of this picture had an entire home inside of it, bathrooms, kitchen, and all. We were unable to go inside for a look. My husband was able to years ago and got pictures, it has a very old-school feel to it, no modern styles at all! Make sure you get plenty of pictures of the different cars. Close ups of details are nice too, I wish I had taken more photos overall. I need some of these for my phone since I am not a good enough photographer to warrant a real/expensive camera.

Outside to the right of the museum you can get up close to view an airplane that is part of his collection. There is also a giant jeep which some people climb onto for photos. The Auto Museum is one that I have not seen anything like it before. If you get the chance, definitely stop by!

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. A car museum in the desert.
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. A car museum in the desert.
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. A car museum in the desert.
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. A car museum in the desert.

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