I am Bekah and I was born and raised in Southern Florida. I am a Mother to three crazy little boys, and wife to my favorite man in the world! While living in Dubai I wanted to keep family and friends up to date on what we were doing while also sharing our experiences and what it is like to live in another country. This blog has grown to what it is today, a place to learn and become inspired for your own travel and to share input when you have know a tip that I don’t (I’m sure you’ve gotten around to plenty of places I haven’t!).

How I got started:

When I was a teenager I had MySpace like many others and aside from talking to strangers I would write in the journal section. At that time all I could really write was how much I hated that time in my life using lots of expletives. I took some AP English classes, started to read books more, and eventually got my Bachelors in Supervision & Management. I developed more of an interested in writing. I had an art blog, a family blog, another art blog, and then a travel blog documenting my families adventures in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Finally my blogging ventures have come to rest here at The Haywire Honey! Being older, gaining some experience, and have a clear vision of what I want to accomplish and what inspires and fascinates me I am happy to build this blog into everything it can be.

I am an artist type and love to try new things, go on adventures, be creative, get messy (just a tad), do things on my own, explore my surroundings. It is a little contradictory but I also love order, organization, planning, lists, a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Perhaps you can guess where “Haywire” comes from. I hope to bring those two sides of me together in this blog in a fun way and share with everyone.

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Wish me Luck!